Monday, July 04, 2005

From Time Out Guides, Los Angeles

A certain significance could be attached to how Los Angeles, aside from a couple of token firewood displays and a light show on the Hollywood sign, almost completely ignored the millennium celebrations....

LA has always suffered from being in the second-to-last time zone on the planet. It's why there's never been an effective LA stock exchange -- it would just operate too late in the day to compete with Tokyo, London and New York. And it's the reason why movie studio execs play golf at five in the morning and are at their desks by eight. New York is already moving towards lunchtime, and the LA suit is always the disadvantaged early bird trying to keep up with the early birds in the East. In all but the most recent (and most bizarre) presidential elections, the rest of the United States has always waited impatiently for the returns from the polls from California.

The time factor, however, may not be the only reason Los Angeles waxed decidedly cool on the arrival of the 21st century. In every way, LA is the paramount example of the 20th-century city, and whether it can adapt to the 21st is highly debatable.


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